System Security and Browser Requirements

System Security and Browser Requirements

We understand that Internet security is very important to our customers. Although we cannot guarantee absolute confidentiality of data transmitted over the Internet, we encrypt all data transmissions between your computer and our data center using the strongest-available industry-standard SSL protocols. Your messages to us are not decrypted until they are inside our firewall. There, they are subject to additional security procedures common to our ATM and telephone banking services. For your computer to read encrypted information, we strongly recommend recent versions of the most common browsers. Even if you already have the required browser version, it's a good idea to add 256-bit encryption. This is the strongest, most secure form of encryption available. 

For best results, ClientView requires a minimum recommended internal and external user workstation configuration  minimum of 4GB of  memory.

Security Requirements

Password Security

It is a good additional security measure to change your password frequently by logging into ClientView and using the "Change Password" form on the site. Also, if you forget your password, you may call the Resolution Center at 1-844-342-5281.

Automatic Log Out

After thirty minutes of inactivity, we will terminate your secured session for you. If your session is terminated before you have completed your activity, simply return to the "Logon" page and start over. When you have finished your session, be sure to log out by clicking the "Log Off" button located within ClientView. It is also a good idea to close your browser after you log out and clear your browser history occasionally to ensure that your information is removed from your browser's memory.

Browser Requirements

An e-mail account with an Internet service provider and e-mail software in order to participate in our electronic Communications programs.

We have built ClientView to work with the most common browsers. This includes Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Chrome.

Software Requirements

With Adobe Acrobat® Reader, you can download, view, print, and save your statements in their original Portable Document Format (PDF).


You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader software for free from the Adobe Systems web site by clicking on the graphic image shown above.